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International School of Funabashi

Strategic Manegement Institution


Jiro Iwai, Director
Jiro Iwai, Director

This is a school that loves its students, walks together with the students, and prioritizes their needs, values, and their full satisfaction. To contribute to the students future through Japanese language education, it is our mission to elevate the value of Japanese language school and trust in the social environment.

The 5 special characteristics of International School of Funabashi

  • This school is founded by The Strategic Management Institution co.,ltd. (a management consulting company). This company boasts of a career spanning 40 years, with clients reaching to over 1,000 companies.
  • The school is divided into Main Branch (Honko), Kita Branch, and Minato Branch, with students from 20 countries attending classes, and after pursuing studies in colleges and universities, they take an active role here and abroad.
  • Highly experienced teachers guiding the students and give advice on the career path suited to each student.
  • Six months after admission, school attendance and grades may be considered if a student is eligible for the scholarship grant.
  • Many facilities that are necessary for a worthwhile student life that includes school campus, basic facilities, dormitory, and others are available.

This is a school the realizes your ideal future, and cultivates your self expression, and master the Japanese language.

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