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Insurance / Part Time Job Information

National Health Insurance Plan

●For a safe life in Japan

Insurance is important for living and studying in Japan. For your safety, we make sure every student gets coverage.

●What kind of insurance?

Japan`s national insurance. After staying one year in Japan everyone needs this. If you are sick or injured and go to the hospital, your insurance will cover 70% of the bill.
If you go to the dentist and the dentist's fee is 10,000 yen, you only have to pay 3,000 yen.
*Depending on an injury or medical treatment, check before consultation in a hospital.


Around 8,000 to 10,000yen per year. Varies by location.


You can sign up at the city hall with your alien registration card (just a five minute walk from school).

Part Time Work

Part time work for entering students is known as an “external activity”.
Students with a “permission for external activity” may do part time work during regular business hours. However, not only is studying Japanese your main focus but it is also necessary for working part time, so, those who cannot speak Japanese cannot work part time so it`s best to begin part time work after adjusting to Japanese life and school.
Part time work is also prohibited on a short term visa.

●Part time job (external activity) process

1.Apply for permission for external activity(A school is possiple also for a substitute application.)

Bring the following to the immigration office:
(1)Permission for external activity
(2)Alien registration card
(4)Student ID card
Receive permission for external activity

2.Receive permission for external activity

After receiving notice that your application has been processed and accepted, bring your passport to the immigration office and you will receive an external activity sticker. This will be put in your passport.
Part time job hunting

3.Part time job hunting

On top of connections you will form with friends and teachers, FILS`s internet facilities as well as bulletin boards and information announcements are also available.
When it`s time for an interview, MAKE SURE to bring your passport with your external activities sticker inside.
Start your part time job!

4.Start your part time job!

●External activity terms and regulations


28 hours per week maximum. For summer, winter and fall holidays, eight hours per day is allowed.


Work at (adult) entertainment establishments, pachinko parlors and Japanese-style pubs are not allowed. For example, pachinko staff and flyer distribution is prohibited. Violation will result in deportation.


Normal hourly wage is around 800 to 1,000yen.
However, jobs that start early in the morning or late at night usually offer more than 1,000 per hour.

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