Learning Japanese in Japan

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International School of Funabashi

Strategic Manegement Institution


School Entrance for Visa Holders


For those in Japan who want to improve their Japanese for their job or just for their life, want to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or want to enter a Japanese university.

2. Admission

New courses start in October, April, July and January.
School tours and free trial lessons are always available!
Please call any time at: TEL 047-410-0317

3. Study Period

You do not need to decide on a specific length of study. You are free to enter and study for as long as you want. We will check your level and place you in your optimal class.


4. Necessary Forms

1)Entrance letter (written by applicant using school`s prepared format)
2)Two 4cm×3cm photographs
3)Passport and resident card

5. Tuition

No entrance fee.
Tuition is 45,000 yen per month.

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