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Q1.Is there a dormitory?
There is a dormitory nearby. Please inquire separately.
Q2.It worries me whether I can adjust well to the Japanese lifestyle.
There are staff members who can speak English, Korean, and Chinese with whom you can consult anytime you have a problem regarding your lifestyle or studies.
Q3.What kind of students are there?
Students from 13 countries including China, Korea,Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia,Peru,Nepal and U.S.A and also foreigners living in Japan, are Learning to Japanese here.
Q4.Are there scholarship grants?
Yes. A scholarship grant system exists for select students who generally excel in terms of study ethic, academic performance and regular attendance.
Q5.How much is the estimated monthly living allowance?
Funabashi has a lower standard of living and is not so expensive.
The average living allowance is estimated around \50,000 - \100,000 per month.
Q6.Can I do part-time work?
To enable you to do part-time work, you need to request for permission to perform an external activity. In addition, this enables you to work 28 hours a week.
(up to 8 hours per day during summer, winter and spring vacations)
There were many students before who worked part-time in restaurants or factories, depending on their Japanese language abilities.
Q7.This will be my first time to go to Japan. Is there someone who can pick me up from the airport?
Yes.Please inform us in advance should you need someone.
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